We about Us

Thomas-Michael Rudolph has founded his company TMR in 1975 in Berlin, Germany. Since that time and until today he has an excellent reputation as one of the most competent designers in the high-end field in Germany.

The main objective of the TMR designs is primarily the technical problem to transport an electrical signal nearly lossless and true to original on the way to the listener. Therefore the main focus of attention is less to conceive new priciples but rather to avoid the well known mistakes. The ideal, a sonically neutral playback system, is then consequentially in a position to reproduce any audio signal nearly perfect.

Kurt W. Hecker has started his activities in the high-end audio field in 1984. After the distribution of high quality electronic equipment he centered more and more on the international distribution of high-end audio cables. Well known brands like Audio Note, Isoda and Fadel Art are examples for this engagement. But when he listened the first time to the RAMSES he was immediately convinced that these are the best cables he ever tested.

Furthermore and now since more than twenty years, Kurt W. Hecker is the president of the HIGH END SOCIETY in Germany, the organizer of the worldwide accepted HIGH END show.

The co-operation between Thomas-Michael Rudolph and Kurt W. Hecker started in April 2009 with the objective target to place the really outstanding RAMSES audio cables on the international markets. Without any doubt, these cables are worth to emerge worldwide as one of the top brands of high-end audio cables.

Within this co-operation, Kurt W. Hecker - with his company Kurt Hecker Marketing - is solely responsible for the international sales and marketing for the RAMSES cables.

The German market will still be handled directly by the manufacturer TMR from Berlin, Germany.