The Basics

The really outstanding high end audio cables RAMSES are designed by Thomas-Michael Rudolph, since more than 30 years one of the leading designers in the high end scene in Germany. The RAMSES cable is without any doubt one of the most remarkable designs in his longtime history.

RAMSES is different and sounds different to other cables, which is particularly due to its neutrality, transmission and complete lack of any cable noise. There will always be cables that perform better in some special systems but you will never find a cable which sounds more homogeneous and neutral in a high-quality hi-fi system than RAMSES. With other words RAMSES is specially designed for the best audio systems on the market.

When designing the RAMSES cable, the aim was to include the following criteria in particular. The main focus was on an electromagnetic field between the conductors that was as homogeneous as possible, as it is mainly the electromagnetic field, and the electricity flow to a lesser extent, that is crucial for the optimal transmission of the signal. For well-known technical reasons, the thinnest possible conductive material needs to be used. However on the other hand for loudspeaker cables in particular, a larger conductor cross-section is required for a low-loss transmission and the conductor must be sufficiently wide which necessitates the use of a film-like conductor. Finally, it is also vital to have the lowest possible loss in dielectrics between the conductors. Unlike the standard Teflon used by many cable manufacturers, RAMSES uses a special natural material which is more difficult to handle but is ideal for meeting the requirements of an optimum dielectric.

RAMSES cables are available for all analogue connections in the audio sector. RAMSES loudspeaker cables can be made in single wiring, bi-wiring or tri-wiring versions with an extensive range of cable connections to choose from. Special RAMSES cable links for bi-wiring connections complete the range for loudspeakers. The RAMSES interconnect cable is available in a coaxial RCA version as well as in a symmetrical 3 or 4 pin XLR version. A special tone arm cable with a 5-pin plug is also part of the range. All RAMSES cables are completely hand-made in Berlin, Germany and according to individual customer requirements.

The sound characteristics of RAMSES cables stand out especially due to their absolute homogeneity, neutrality and lack of any compensation effects, as well as the speed and responsiveness of sound playback. Its outstanding technical design and excellent sound benefits convince us that RAMSES is now set to play a major role amongst leading international cable designs.

RAMSES is definitively the ultimate audio cable for the greatest sense of musical appreciation.